Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a new grill!

The husband could not go on another week without a grill so he bought a new one. He said he feels awful about what he did to the old grill and he thought he owed me a new grill. I did not actually mind him running over the old grill. It was an accident after all. I was there and saw it happen and even laughed about it. The poor guy was embarrassed with what he did and tried to make it up. Hence, the new grill. We have not used it yet since I don't feel like grilling at the moment but it is there for when inspiration hit me. He is not very fond of grilled meat anyway and would only ask me to grill something for him when I am using the grill. But we could always use this new baby once I think of what to grill soon. Maybe even grill some eggplants or kabobs. This new grill is actually an upgrade from the old one and cost only a few dollars more. We still have a cheap grill because I don't him spending so much money on grills just as yet. Perhaps when we have our own place. He made sure this one sets higher from the ground so he could see it and avoid any more accidents. That's my man, cautious and tries to think ahead to not cause any more embarrassment for himself :)

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