Sunday, August 29, 2010

me time

My boys are already asleep so I am taking the time to do some things without any interruption. I love my boys but I do like solitude from time to time no matter how short. It gives me time to do things that I cannot normally do without somebody yelling for me every few minutes. I conned both to going to bed early (I know I am bad) and once both were asleep I crept back to the living room. Of course the husband noticed me getting up but when I told him I was going to eat supper he just said okay. I did eat supper but that was an hour ago. Now I am online trying to figure out what to do. I know I have to get on entrecard so I can visit other blogs but I feel like I need to do something else. I wonder what? This is what happens when I am being given the chance to be alone and do what I want, I end up not doing anything productive. But anyway, as long as I have this chance to be alone I will do whatever comes to mind. This would have been a prefect night to read a book if I only have one.

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