Friday, August 6, 2010

it was run over

The husband is backing out of the driveway when he said he hit something. He did not get out of the car but thought about what it could be and then cursed when he realized it was the grill we just bought a few weeks ago. The bottom part of the grill was mashed and only the cover was still in shape. I laughed so hard when I saw the poor grill but the husband was not too happy. I could not blame him, he bought the grill after all after I whined about not having one. It was partly my fault because I did use the grill the previous night to grill chicken barbecue and forgot to put it back in the carport. Now it is useless and is lying in the bottom of our trash can. The husband said he will never buy me another grill. I know he does not mean it. He has a right to be angry and I give him that. In a few weeks I will talk to him about the benefits of grilled meat until he decides to buy another grill. Next time though I will make sure to get it out of the way after I use it to avoid any more incidents.

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