Thursday, August 5, 2010

it is easy to shop online

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers.

I never knew how easy it was to shop online for a car. When my vehicle broke down I needed an easy solution. I didn't have much money saved up and needed an affordable car. I decided to search on my satellite internet service to see what was out there. I was able to find plenty of cars that were in my price range.

The first site that I went to using my satellite internet service Kentucky was I never knew how many cars were listed on this site by owners. In fact, there are even dealers that list their cars on craigslist. I was a bit hesitant to buy a car through this website, as I didn't know if it was trusted or not. I decided to call a few people to go and see the actual vehicles.

To my surprise the cars I went to see were not that bad. I was actually able to find one car that was in my price range and did not have many problems with it. I bought it from a used car dealership that actually existed. I was able to negotiate the price and get a 2001 Honda Accord for $5000. A few years later I still have the car and it drives great. I am glad I used the internet and that my satellite internet prices are still low.

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