Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a good deal

We were informed the other day that the husband's ex-wife has found a nice house down south. The husband is happy because it means she will live there near their kids and somebody will keep a close eye on the stepson who still needs supervision. The house was foreclosed on and she said she had a good deal. She even said she will let the stepson move in with her which is a good thing so he will be able to save some money and maybe straighten some things out. Last we heard they were out looking for appliances because every appliances in that house were taken by the previous owner. Next time we will probably be informed they are looking at modern couches for her house. The husband feels relieved right now that somebody has taken over while we are living on another state. I do hope things will work out fine for the stepson. Maybe his mother will be able to straighten him up some a bit.

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