Tuesday, August 31, 2010

food shopping

We went to the store today to get food for the little man and buy bathroom stuff which I have been trying to put off for days now. Well, the little man complained about being hungry this morning and asked for food that was not available in the kitchen. Good thing he agreed for a substitute so after he ate we had to go to the store to avoid any more incidents like that. He is a very picky eater and when he asks for food that means he really will eat it. I had a good time roaming around the store which has not happened in a long time. We are talking about Walmart here, lol. Normally, I would just grab what I need and run back to the car. Not today. I took the time to look at other displays like clothes and toys and stayed a long time at the electronics section gazing at computers where a Sony VAIO had a tag really cheap. I wondered what that was all about. I mean, as far as I know these computers are what we would consider expensive but today it was marked less. Perhaps Sony has come up with a newer and better model. Anyway, I took my time looking around and to my surprise I did not get dizzy which is what usually happens when I stay too long inside a store. I could get used to this, lol. Maybe next time I will look at books and movies since I am out of books and I do have a movie I want to watch which is already on DVD.

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