Tuesday, August 3, 2010

electrical works

We have the landlord in our kitchen trying to fix the kitchen lighting since we have heard popping noise in it the other day. We had to turn off the breaker to avoid any accident since he said he will not be able to fix it what with all his other rental properties needing some attention. Today is the day he scheduled us for a repair and he is doing it right now. He has been at it for hours already and I think he has found the problem finally. I hope it will get fixed good so there will be no more problems. We might not have a lot but we do have valuables at home. Anyway, the little man has been itching to climb up the ladder the landlord is using. He has been in the kitchen several times to check if he could do it but there is no way since his father is sitting in a chair watching the ladder really close. He knows that his son will try to climb no matter what it takes so he is not taking any chances. He sure takes child safety to heart which I don't really blame him. We both know what the little man can and will do when left on his own. I will be happy when this fixing is over. We will be fan-less in the kitchen but if it is what it takes to make the wiring safer then we are all for it.

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