Monday, August 30, 2010

another round

When I talked to my parents the other day, I told them what to expect if and when we get ready to petition them. Like most Filipinos, my parents have their dream of working and living abroad. My father actually applied for a job in Canada when I was little but he was duped out of his money by the recruiter who actually happened to be a relative. He never tried it again. You could say he got burned. Fast forward decades later, here I am, married in the US which makes my parents renew their hope of getting out of the country. I actually was hesitant to let them come over because of the fast-paced life here but they seem to be interested and if it makes them happy to be here with us then who am I to say no? They already have plans on what to do. In fact, my mom said she would probably apply for healthcare jobs just like her friend in California. That started another round of explanations from me. Sometimes, I get annoyed at how naive they could get but then they never really know what it is like living here. And I do blame people who make it sound like it is easy living in the US when in fact it is not especially if a person is used to having close family ties and being around people all the time. It is just a different lifestyle and a person has to get used to it. I hope my parents will be able to so the husband and I will not have any worries once they get here. We will try to set things in motion to get ready for another round of immigration process so we could get them where they want to be.

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