Thursday, July 8, 2010

unproductive morning?

Right now I am trying to finish a tangerine flavored fruit bar which somehow helps me feel better when I am having bad cravings that I could not eat. It is good and I am glad I bought a pack because it has been a big help to me. The husband is asleep and it is not even noon yet. I swear he is having more pregnancy symptoms than I do, lol. He is always tired he said. I told him he has to keep an eye on the little man while I take a nap but he will not have it so I have to stay up and fight sleep. Perhaps later the little man and I will take our nap together. I let him play and do whatever he wants so long as it is safe for him. I could let him go outside but I don't have the energy to chase after him so we are staying in where it is cool anyway. Surprisingly, he has left the computers well alone. He must have been getting bored by it already. Or maybe he is just taking a break after this morning's activity. He was in the computer for hours trying to type in words to see the search result and when he got bored was on some kind of commercial talking about prototype 37c and when he got bored with that stayed at creative commons listening to the video demo. I don't know whether it is a website or not but the voice over sounds good so we listened to it, lol. Can you tell we really need something productive to do? Maybe when the temperature gets cooler we will but not right now.

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