Friday, July 16, 2010

sweet potato tops

Today I picked a bag of sweet potato tops from my little garden. I planted some roots with sprouts in them about a month ago and even though I think it is not time to mess with the plant, my craving overruled my judgment. Like I said, I got a bag of sweet potato tops which I washed and stir fried. Said stir-fried sweet potato top is what I have for my dinner. And boy did it make me full. I never regretted cutting the tops, in fact, I am glad I did. I hope there will be more rain so my plants will vine some more. Perhaps I will be able to share these with my friends before Fall. I wanted to post a picture for this entry and already have a bowl of the dish ready but when I got rice on my plate all thoughts of taking a picture was forgotten, lol. I was starving! Well, maybe next time I will be able to post a picture.

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