Wednesday, July 7, 2010

still waiting

I am still waiting for that missing piece that I need to be able to use the rotisserie I ordered online. When I called customer service I was told that it is on the way and hopefully it really is. I was told to wait for two more days so I guess it is safe to start thawing a chicken in the fridge. I really want to try the convection oven and see if it works good but I decided to wait for the missing piece. That way should there is a need to return the item it won't be used and scratched. It is still in the box. The husband will be happy to hear of the news although I am sure he will say it is still two days too long. Better that than a week, I guess. I am also waiting for books I ordered online. If I am lucky the orders might get here at the same time. Waiting is a pain though. But wait we must. Anyway, I have to go and read more about best diet supplements for a while. I don't know if it is good for me, what with my condition and all, but I want to know why I am hungry all the time and what needs to be done about it. Surely, if I read on the same topic an answer will pop up somehow.

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