Thursday, July 1, 2010

missing an important part

A few days ago, I ordered a convection oven online. We do not need another oven because the one we got in the kitchen works well but there is one function in that oven I ordered that I really want to use, rotisserie. I am crazy over rotisserie chicken and I thought instead of buying it at the store, I could make my own with the spices I want in it. Well, the order was delivered today and the husband and I who were very excited put the pieces together right away. I already thought about thawing a chicken so we could cook it tomorrow. Until he told me there was a piece missing, the most important one at that. The skewer was missing! The husband was more disappointed than I am, lol. I could laugh about it now since it had been hours from the discovery but earlier I was so angry and disappointed it hurt. I was really looking forward to use it tomorrow at the earliest. I called customer service and told the person I talked to about the missing piece. There were no other questions, like they were actually expecting my complain. I was told he will put the order in for high priority and the missing piece should be mailed to me by Friday and "might" get here next week, probably by the end of the week. I have tried to make him do it earlier but he said there was nothing he could do. When I said I was really looking forward to use it tomorrow he acted like he never heard a word I said. He did say sorry before he hung up. So, we are going to wait another week before we can use the convection oven. The only consolation we got is that it came with the husband's desired color. Other than that, we are still unhappy about the mishap.

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