Thursday, July 29, 2010

a house on wheels

I like to look at RV's. They are like little houses on wheels. The husband's aunt owns one and we get in it from time to time. It is huge though. I mean, there is space for everybody but I would rather own a smaller RV, get a comprehensive rv insurance for it, and then drive it to places I would like to visit. Only I could not drive alone yet. And that I cannot afford an RV. So I am stuck at dreaming about owning one. The husband agrees with me on that choice so I guess him and the little man can go with me, lol. It is free to dream so bear with me. If we get lucky with our endeavor we might be able to afford an RV. If and when the economy stabilizes because our endeavor is dependent on that. For now let me dream about the things that make me happy.

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