Sunday, July 4, 2010

holiday rambling

It is the 4th of July yet the husband and I do not know what we are going to do today. We are waiting for calls from his relatives if they have any activity planned. If they don't, we will probably just get the inflatable pool up in the yard so at least the little man will enjoy this day. I have ham cooking which we will share later. But we do not have any fireworks. We never light any fireworks on the 4th, although we used to go to the park for the big fireworks display when the little man was not as active. We are new to the place so we do not know if there is anything like that here and it is a bit late to inquire so we might just stay home. It will be just a normal day for us this year just like last year.

The little man is starting to annoy me this early, I do not know if we will last the whole day without any incident. How he loves to aggravate me when I am trying so hard to be nice. He is going to cause me to have to use face wrinkle cream if he keeps on. And he is only three. I dread the things he will do when he is a teenager. He might even give me a heart attack although the husband said he will only be doing things that teenagers do anyway. I still hope he will be good and he starts now. Or maybe I am just being silly?

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