Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fresh vegetables

This little pile of vegetables were from my little garden. The string beans seeds were ordered online and planted by me weeks ago and I have never been so happy when I first saw purple blooms. Days later I started seeing beans and a week later started harvesting string beans. I have done it three times already. The husband likes it stir-fried too which is a good thing because I only like stir fried beans. The leaves on the bag are sweet potato tops which I have planted months ago. It took them a while to get to where I can clip the tips but it was worth the wait. Before long I will be hearing complains about the vines taking over the county, lol. I hope there will be plenty of roots so I can keep some to plant next year. I'll have you know that the roots I used to plant a mess was from three years ago. I just got lucky that it has not dried out too much that when planted it still sprouted even if it took a long time to happen. I just added the cabbage for effect. Nah, it was from the garden too. Even the few scallions that are present.


Jerla Oh lalala said...

maypka dai daghan free gulay :)

imelda said...

wow good for u. i love fresh veggies too thats why i have planted them in my front yard too

poray said...

i love veggies and it is cheaper to raise them than buy them from the store especially where i live...and i get them fresh too!

daghan lagi dai dia naproblema ko asa nko ibutang ni hahaha..wla mn ko expect na mamunga ni daghan gd pro pasalamat n lng sad ky grasya bya ni