Wednesday, July 14, 2010

french fries!

When the little man woke up this morning he asked for milk and later asked for pancakes. He only eats pancakes that I buy frozen from the store. I tried making him some at home but he did not even touch it and since he is the only one who eats it in the mornings anyway, we decided to buy pancakes for him to make him happy. I ran out of pancakes yesterday and forgot to buy more so I offered him cereal with milk but he only ate a little. I was about to run to the store but the husband said we need to do something with the bag of potatoes we bought weeks ago. We decided to make homemade french fries out of them instead of throwing them on the trash. The original plan was to freeze the fries for future use but since the little man has not eat and he likes fries anyway we decided otherwise. He ate a lot of the fries and with a glass of milk, has been good since. His father was amazed at the amount of fries he consumed but I told him to let his son be. He does not eat much so when he does take a liking to certain food I let him indulge. I know he will be running all over the house, jumping and doing every thing he can think of that the chance of him getting fat is nil at the moment. He is such a hyperactive child. Maybe it is good for him, then he will not have to worry about diets and exercise and think about taking diet pills and worry about diet pill side effects when he gets older. Perhaps he will be like the men in my family who may not be thin but do not have to worry about being fat either. But then fries is not something we cook often in our kitchen so there should be no chance of him getting used to eating it. I hope.

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