Monday, July 12, 2010

cooking at midnight?

The rotisserie skewer that was missing from the convection oven we ordered was delivered two days ago. Since then, the husband has been telling me to use it but I have tried to put him off. Today he reminded him that I "promised" to cook him rotisserie chicken so I thawed a cornish hen this morning and forgot all about it until he reminded me again two hours ago. Yes, it is late but I had to do it so he will cease his complaining. He is already in bed and the little man is asleep as well but here I am awake waiting for the chicken to cook. I don't mind much because I like the peace and quite. As much as I love my boys I still crave for time alone where I can hear myself think. So what am I doing while waiting for the chicken to get done? Reading alli reviews, that's what. I am almost finished dropping Entrecard on various blogs but I got tired of it so I stopped. And I can't not do anything or I will fall asleep so I am reading. It won't be long and the chicken should be cooked and then I can go to bed. But not before I am finished with some online chores.

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