Tuesday, July 13, 2010

cooking another chicken

I mentioned on my previous post that I cooked rotisserie chicken using our new convection oven. It got done at midnight and I had to wake the husband up to let him know. He got up and fixed him a meal and then went back to bed. We used cornish hen then. I am using the oven again for another rotisserie for the husband's birthday. This time we are using a regular chicken which was worrisome since it was 5 lbs and I was afraid it will tear up the rod. It looks like it is holding up good but we will see after two hours. This is our second rotisserie in three days and I don't know how this will come out. I hope it will be good because there sure will be plenty of meat in it. I know the husband, the little man, and I will be eating this chicken for days, lol. It makes a girl think about the top 10 fat burners but that is it, I am only thinking about it. I am not working on it. Not yet. There is perfect time for that which will be after I give birth. The house smells so good since I used chicken rub in it along with lemon grass and garlic cloves stuffed inside the bird. I am using very sparse spices for now. Perhaps as I get used to this wonderful oven I will be more adventurous with the spices I put in the chicken.

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