Monday, June 28, 2010

we like

I love the house we are living in right now. It is spacious and has plenty of windows, just what I like. Half of the house is carpeted and the other half is vinyl which makes it easy to clean up. The kitchen is a third the size of the whole house which means it is pretty big so the husband could not complain about being crowded. It has Moen kitchen faucet which I adore. There is no dishwasher though but I can deal with dishes since it is just the three of us here and we do not use that much dishes anyway. Besides I am used to washing dishes by hand. The little man has, and loves, his own room. He also likes to stay in the living room where he watches videos on his computer. He seldom likes to get out of the house anymore. In fact, I have to almost bribe him when we have to run errands because he always says no when told to get ready. Even the husband likes it here. He said it is quite and laid back. We hope to stay here longer if we can.

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