Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It looks like it is going to storm. The sky is getting dark by the minute. I know I should go ahead and unplug all appliances but I have to make this post so I will have to finish this one and offline I will be. The husband is not home. He is out at his aunt's place. I have to call him and make him come home before this storm starts because it looks like a big one. I am afraid of storms especially in this area where we live where tornadoes are common. I hope somehow I will get used to it to where I don't panic every time it storms. Anyway, I also have to check on a site called as a favor for a friend. I don't know what she wants to know from there because I have not opened the website yet. But she does not have fast internet so I am doing it for her. With the rate it is getting dark I might not do it today though. The husband is going to kill me if I let our router get fried again. Let me off for now. I will be back for more updates later.

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