Wednesday, June 23, 2010

staying home

We have stayed home in the last few days. It is still hot and I don't want to be uncomfortable so I decided we stay home. It helps us save gas too, you see. But more importantly, I don't have to deal with the heat. At home we are comfortable and we do not need to sweat. The little man does whatever makes him happy and I get online to catch up on the recent television series I am hooked on. Anyway, we have done nothing but eat and play. Literally. There is nothing to do and we are enjoying it. I am trying to teach the little man help me with chores even if it means just to put his own breeches (that's how the SIL calls 'em) on. Most of the time he is very cooperative but there are times he runs giggling upstairs when he thinks I am going to make him do something. I let him be when he does that because I know he will eventually get back down to see why I did not chase him. That's when I corner him to do what I want. He should know early on I am the boss here, lol. I cannot wait for the temperature to cool down. Sometimes I agree with what a friend said, that life would probably be easier if there is only Spring and Fall. Wishful thinking.

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imelda said...

i love staying indoors too. its too hot outside