Sunday, June 20, 2010


I thought this was my first time to read about it and I did not know what it was all about until I search it online. The mystery word is Asus which appears to be a brand name for computers. Or a company that makes computers and computer parts. I still need to read more to know about it. And then it dawned on me that I have heard of the word from a friend when she told me she was planning to buy a laptop last year. She told me what brand she was interested in and I was not able to tell her anything because I have never heard of the brand. It is because I am not into electronics and gadgets like she is. If not for the husband I would still be using a desktop right now because I was comfortable with it. I had the dramatics when I had to use the laptop the first time because I was so against it. Little did I know I will come to love this handy computer. Anyway, I just remembered about it and so I went ahead and read some more. At least now I know more about the brand and its products than I did before.

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