Sunday, June 13, 2010

i like to eat :)

After a horrible week of cravings and upset stomach, I am now back to feeling better. If having occasional heartburn and stomach pangs is normal anymore. I can now cook food without being repulsed by the smell. I still could not stomach pork for some reason but beef and chicken are fine. And so is fish. Vegetables are good too. No problems with that. And since that uncomfortable feeling is almost gone, I have been eating a lot lately. Every food I think is good I cook and then eat a lot of. And I love soda now which was abhorrent before. My mother asked me if I am fat yet and I told her she has to define fat to me, lol. Seriously, if not for my condition I would probably be advised by the husband to use fat burner but since I cannot use it he will just have to get used to me getting bigger every day. Our weighing scale needs batteries and I have to remind myself to buy replacements so I could weigh myself in. I need to watch my weight because I don't want to be too big in the months to come. It is hard to lose weight anymore what with my age and my fondness for food.

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