Wednesday, June 9, 2010

fond memories

I was browsing through new pictures of my cousin on Facebook when I saw several pictures of my 92 years old grandmother. I have not seen her in over four years. I sent her cards though to let her know I have not forgotten her. She could not hear so talking to her on the phone is not an option. But whenever I send my parents money I always remind them to buy grandma her favorite pastries and sweets. She always extend her thanks and I am happy I make her happy even in a very little way. Anyway, the pictures I was talking about were taken in her house. My cousin along with another cousin's kids took plenty of pictures in grandma's living room that showed her contemporary sofas. I was surprised that she replaced her living room set with not one but two sofas and end tables. The tiled floors are still the same. The teddy bears that I have eyed to swipe since I was a toddler are still in their own little carved places on the wall. The wall color is still the same which is a shame because it looked like nobody is taking care of it. She gets a lot of money from her youngest son who provides for her monthly allowance but he does not live with her anymore which must be the reason why the house looks like it need to be repainted and some of the decorations replaced. There were outside pictures as well. Gone are the bamboo fence. Her once beautiful porch is not so beautiful anymore but it still evokes fond memories when I looked at it. The grotto is still up but it is not as grand as it once was. There seem to be a lot of changes in her house in the last four years and I really want to see all of it in person. I hope she will wait for us to visit her. She will be a year older this month.

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