Sunday, May 16, 2010

we got lost

We drove to the big city near where we live today to look for a branch of our bank and an asian store. We had high hopes of at least being lucky with the first since we had the address and phone number. After an hour of riding around the same area and not finding the bank, all hopes were replaced by annoyance. We were told by a cousin that there are actually two branches in the same area but we could not find even one. If we could not find a bank that we actually have a physical address there was no way we will find an asian store that we were just hoping to come across while driving around, so we scratch that off our list. We stayed a few minutes more trying to locate the bank but with no luck. We realized we could not call because it is a Sunday. We went home without accomplishing anything. Well, this should teach us a lesson to either bring a print out of the direction to the bank or buy a local map so we will not get lost and waste gas again. We might try again tomorrow if the husband is up to it. If nothing else we might have to travel 30 miles more to find a branch. We were not expecting this problem. The main reason we have accounts on big banks is that when we move we will not have difficulty with our banking needs seeing most big banks have branches everywhere. Turn out we are wrong. There are branches alright but only on very big cities like we used to live in. Now that we are living in the country, even the big city nearby does not have it. At least we could not find it. I don't really want to open an account on a local bank because we might not live here permanently and it will be another problem when we move. But we could not find our bank branch near we might have to consider that option.

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