Sunday, May 16, 2010

taking it all in

On our free time, we drive around the neighborhood of our new place. We check where the stores are at, we look for shortcuts to some places, and we try to familiarize ourselves with the area to minimize time driving around when we don't feel like enjoying the scenery. I am glad there is a big chain store just a few minutes away from us. The husband was tickled to realize there is a best buy store where he can buy most of our office supplies. And there are fast-food restaurants (the little man and I like them) we can go to when I don't feel like cooking, which is often. We may live in a small town but we do have the things we need except for our banks (but we can always drive when we have to do some business provided we find its location). There is even a big church I can go to once I get the nerve to be around people where I am one of the very few minority. I know they will be welcoming though because the husband's aunt has the same religion as I do. It is just me having a case of nerves. Speaking of banks, I think we will try to find it again tomorrow and hopefully we will find that elusive building we are seeking for.

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