Wednesday, May 19, 2010

switching banks

We encountered a problem with the choice of banks we do our business with. We found out that one of them does not have a single branch in the state we live in. We were told that if we want to, we could travel to the next state to do our banking needs. Ridiculous! So the husband and I decided to close that bank account and we will open an account on a local bank. I know this will be a problem should we decide to move after a year or two but that is something we will have to deal with in the future. What we need to worry about is now. I have been reading online about the local banks and the services they offer and I have two I will present to the husband and then we will decide which to choose. I hope the choice will be a good bank. I would hate for us to be jumping from one bank to the next just because of bad judgment. We thought that we were fine with the other bank believing it is nationwide. Next time we will check first before we do anything to avoid problems like these.

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