Monday, May 31, 2010

stuck at home

The husband left us to visit his aunt. He asked me earlier if I wanted to go but I said no because I was not ready and I was not feeling really good. I have one of those nightmare headaches again and I hate to be anywhere when I am miserable. So the little man and I have been at home since this morning. We have not been outside of the house at time today and it is almost 4 pm. I am surprised he has not opened the door to peek outside. He actually asked me where his father is and I told him he was at Aunt G's house. Thankfully he did not pursue the topic or I would have been forced to call the husband to get us. I was not ready to go anywhere. Now that I am though the husband has not called. I bet he is questioning his Uncle B about his great grandparents again. He is like that, he likes to know about his ancestors work and livelihood and his uncle is a very good source of information having lived that long to know their ancestors. I am actually starting to get bored now that the headache is waning. The coffee really helped where the Tylenol did not. I have watched a movie, stayed on Facebook long enough to look at pictures and read all my friends shout out, read about fat burner reviews, ate popcorn with the little man, and still the husband is not home. Nor has he called. I bet he is enjoying this little freedom, lol. One of the reasons I did not call him is that I know he loves to be around his uncle without interruptions. After all, there is so much to learn since they have a big family. We can go with him some other time. And I can do more things online while the little man is busy playing. Perhaps I might even cook supper.

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