Thursday, May 13, 2010


This picture was taken on our last week in the south. It shows the little man and his cousin walking on the pier. It was beautiful the whole week we were getting ready to leave that the husband said it must have something to do with us leaving, lol. I just saw this picture while I was browsing through my computer's library and I thought to post it here to remind me of the beach. In almost two weeks, today was the first time the little man talked about the beach. I was relieved when he did not say let's go to the beach like he always do because it is hard to explain to a three year old, who we bring to the beach almost daily) that we are now hundreds of miles away from it. Not mere 15 miles. The husband promised we will visit some day soon and we are looking forward to that. I did take plenty of pictures so let us hope it will be enough for me at the moment.

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