Friday, May 14, 2010

no more yard work

One of the things I like about our new place is that even with a big yard, we do not do yard work. The owner does it. How cool is that? Or perhaps we are fortunate. We do not need to worry about keeping the yard mowed because just yesterday, the owner was here doing it while we watched. And we are paying less rent than we did in the duplex where I had to do the mowing every two weeks. True, it give me the workout I need to a point where I did not think I needed to take any weight loss supplement by the way sweat poured out of my body but I think this arrangement is better. Because in as much as I like to mow the yard, there were times I did not feel like doing it but I did not have a choice. Now, I can let somebody else worry about yard work. And the trees around the house are trimmed to compliment instead of crowding it. The house we live in looks better and is more spacious compared to the duplex. There are problems like not enough closet space but we can always buy cabinets and shelves should the need arise. I am just happy that we only have to take care of the house while living in it and nothing else. And we do have fast internet and there is a big store nearby. The only missing component is the beach but then we can always pretend it's there, can't we? Or look at pictures.

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