Monday, May 10, 2010


After having second thoughts and crazy ideas, we decided to stick to the original plan. And so here we are at our new place. It is a house. Yes, we found us a house much to the husband's delight. It is not big and I have issues with the layout but then the bathroom compensated for most of the things that I did not like (there really weren't much anyway) so I am happy. To be honest, the fact that we now have a place to call ours for as long as we want is enough for me. Now we can do what we want and we are taking our time to unpack and just enjoy being at home. So far, the husband's aunt and her daughter with her husband in tow visited us. Today the husband's cousin visited but he was not happy with that because it happened when he was not at home and he was not comfortable with it. If I was not seen when I peeked out the window to check who it was, I would not have opened the door. I just think it would be rude not to open the door to him when he saw me. I know I will not do that again though to make the husband happy. We also now have our internet hooked up which is why I am able to make this post. It feels good to be back online again. It was crazy not being able to get online. It was like being disabled in a way. Nah, I am not thinking about the disability that comes with disability insurance. I would rather not have that if I could avoid it. I am talking about having what the husband calls withdrawals when I don't get online. I could not check our bank account and see any activity. I was not able to visit my blogs and make regular updates. I was not able to talk to friends and do things that I like to do when I am online. It was terrible. But we are back online and we are actually glad about it. We are going to take things one day at a time. Maybe even open one box a day, lol. As long as we have food to eat and roof over our head. The rest should not be that hard to do. Hopefully.

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