Saturday, May 22, 2010

locked out

I have a bank account in the Philippines which I opened before I came here to the US. It does not have much in it because I have stopped depositing more money until I get to have some things straightened out on the account. It only has enough maintaining balance and maybe a few cents. I was talking to a friend about bank accounts earlier when I remembered I have not checked that particular account in months. So I decided to check on it but I realized I forgot the password. I tried it three times all failed. The fourth time when I thought I remembered the password I was informed I was locked out. Locked out! Whether it is temporary or permanent I have no way of knowing. I am afraid to push my luck (or whatever there is left) so I am going to wait. Tomorrow I will know where I stand. I sure hope this being locked out is a temporary thing or else I am really effed up. I have had problems with this account in the past and the people I talked with said I have to go to the bank in person to be able to resolve any issues I might have. Hah! Like I will fly thousands of miles just to do that. It is irritating but part of this is my fault so I will just sit here, albeit impatiently, and see what happens in the morrow.

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