Thursday, May 13, 2010

i eat a lot

And that is a fact, lol. The husband's relatives are amazed of my ability to eat several times a day. It is the husband's fault, he is the one who told them. But then he has to tell them because we have to run home or go to a fast-food to get something for me to eat while we are out visiting. You see, if I don't eat when I am hungry I feel bad because of my ulcer. So I have to eat. Not much every meal but enough to make me full and a few hours later I have to have food. They laughed and asked where I put all the food I ate. They think I am thin and in as much as I dream to be one I know I am not, lol. I guess they think I am thin because they are big and tall people. Compared to them I actually look like a midget. They asked if I am into food that burns fat but I am not really. I eat whatever I think is good enough to eat at the moment. I rely on cravings and on occasions that I cannot act on my cravings, eat food that is available. That is why I am gaining weight fast. Somehow I have to do something to stop the weight gain but unless my ulcer get healed then I have to keep on doing what I am doing to avoid discomfort.

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