Sunday, May 30, 2010

did not got everything in the list

We did not get everything on our list when we went to the store earlier. Some items we forgot even with a list on hand. Now, how that happened I don't know. There were items that we did not get because they were priced too high. It will probably be cheaper to either go to the store or order them online. I had most of the grocery items though which I think is an accomplishment enough in itself considering we did forget a lot of the items on the list. And we bought stuff that we were not meant to buy. I don't know what was going on with us. I even had the little man read aloud the items on the list to make sure we get everything but we still did not. This means another trip to the store in a day or two. Maybe by then we will get what we need and stay away from things we do not. We need to work on our plan to save and we have to start by sticking to the list. Wish us luck, lol.

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