Sunday, May 30, 2010

a bountiful dream

I must really be thinking too much about money because last night I dreamed about finding lots and lots of gold coins while I was walking home to my parent's house. Poor me has been thinking about bills and allocating the money to where we will not get short after all the bills are paid while making sure that we have every thing we need. If only it is that easy to get money I will surely think about it often, lol. Just conjure it up my mind and there it is, in flesh, er in currency. But things don't work like that in real life. That is why there are dreams. Nevertheless, I had a good time picking up the gold coins while screaming like a nut. Wait until I tell the husband about it and I am sure he will tell me I should have picked more. Yes, I married a nut like myself, lol.

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