Friday, May 14, 2010

another day in our new place

I feel better today after unpacking a lot of stuff yesterday. The boxes were starting to give me headache so even if we do have plenty of time to unpack our stuff like the husband said, I still wanted to put everything in their proper place which I did. The house looks like a home to me now unlike a few days ago. We can now do our normal routine without the boxes bothering me. I made sure the husband knows where his things are at and he seems to be happy with the arrangement. Now I can relax a little. Until the bills starts pouring in, that is. Lol. But such is life. Anyway, I have not had breakfast yet and I realized it is almost noon, time for lunch. Yay! I have to get up and fix something to eat for my family but before that I have to do my updates online and make sure I got everything covered from emails to blogs to important accounts. Maybe if I will have time I can read some news and apidexin reviews. Just the things I am used to doing on my free time. I get distracted really easy that I could be doing something then jump off to do something else without finishing the first chore. Case in point, I am rambling right now. Hays, I better get off and do what I got to do before I get swamped with more chores. Be back later.

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