Wednesday, May 26, 2010

annual check up

I am due for my annual eye check up. I have poor eyesight and I have been using eyeglasses for years now. It is annoying sometimes which prompted me to try contacts but I found out eyeglasses are easier to manage so I switched back. I may be the only person to say that but then I have always been different, lol. Since we moved, I still have to find an optometrist to check my eyes and then I have to look for a store that sells discount prescription glasses around the neighborhood. It will be nice if I can have both in the same office but I am not holding my hopes up. I will get what I can and be happy with it. I have been seriously thinking of lasik but I still have to read up on the subject (and know how much it cost) before committing to it, if ever. I hope to have my prescription renewed before the month is out and maybe get me a different style frame for a change.

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