Monday, April 5, 2010

a very good Filipino dish

While searching for the English word for kinilaw I stumbled on the word Ceviche which according to Mr. Wiki is a citrus marinated seafood whose origin is being disputed between Peru and Ecuador. That is the closer definition I think of the kinilaw I grew up eating from my native Leyte. I used to compare the dish to Sashimi when the husband asks what I am fixing. To tell you the truth he is quite horrified of the fact that I eat the fish raw. He always ignores the fact that the cut-up (in cubes) fish is actually swimming in vinegar and lemon juice not to mention salt, onions, tomatoes, and ginger. It is a very good and satisfying, when you pair it with rice, dish which I crave from time to time. I fixed my own kinilaw yesterday after I purchased a pack of salmon steak from the store. I was inspired by what I saw from my friend's Facebook page so I decided to fix my own and it turned out to be very good. I ended up eating too much rice and fish which probably add a couple pounds on my already plump figure but I don't care. Not yet anyway. I am happy that I get to eat my favorite dish although I have to use previously frozen fish which would have horrified anybody from PI, lol. Next on my menu is a recipe I asked from a blogger friend. Should be pretty soon when I buy the right meat.

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