Monday, April 26, 2010


The little man is growing fast. His father commented on his being short and had to retract that statement because he noticed that his son is actually taller now than just a few weeks ago. We suspect that this spurt happened after he got sick. He is not as skinny but his legs and arms are longer and he looks like the little man that he is. Now I have to set aside my fear of having a short child. This means I don't have to think about hgh releaser which I always think is what people with short stature needs to grow a few more inches. Although I think it has other uses as well. Back to the little man, he is now also not as giving when it comes to kisses. He only gives me kisses from time to time unlike before where he used to shower me with kisses whenever I asked. He even wiped his face after his grandfather's sister kissed him which earned him more kisses, lol. He is still a sweet boy though and everybody in the family loves him. Now if he will continue growing tall every day, I will be one happy mother. That is one thing I hope he will have aside from good health and a good future.

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