Thursday, April 29, 2010

second thoughts?

After spending days boxing our stuff, the husband is having second thoughts about moving. And it is making me upset. I do not know if he was serious when he said we should just look for a house here in the South and go ahead and buy one instead of moving to another state. This after he spent months convincing me the latter is the best thing we could do to save more money. He has not mentioned it again but I am not sure if the idea is still in his head. Sometimes this guy makes my ulcer act up with the notions he gets. I am hoping he will not cancel our reservation for a truck tomorrow. If that happens I don't know what to do. I am thinking, since we are already packed and almost ready to go we should just go ahead and move. Should we find out in the future that we like it better in the South than anywhere else we could always move back. Provided we have the money. Well, I will let you all know what he will decide tomorrow. I hope we will have a safe trip if we go through the plan of moving. And that the house we want is ready and waiting for us.

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