Friday, April 23, 2010

i feel awful

This running around town looking at houses is taking a toll on me. I am sick all the time. Yesterday, I took several medicine because I was feeling awful. My ulcer acted up since I only ate little and we had to be at several places in one day. I have a cold and a very bad headache. Today my body ache everywhere I decided to stay indoors to recuperate. I know before long my face will start breaking out with pimples but thank goodness there are medicines like acnepril to cure acne. Although I hope I will not have to use any of that. Maybe I will get lucky and not have a breakout but the way I am feeling right now I won't be surprised if I will. I am not taking any medicine today, just let my immune system do its job. I am so looking forward for the move to be finalized though so we all can stay in one house and stay in there until we get bored out of our wits :)

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