Friday, April 16, 2010

house hunting

We are going to look for rental homes in the next few days. I think this it it, that we are actually going to move out of the duplex. We already talked to the landlord and we are getting things ready which means most of our stuff are in boxes already. We are finally moving out after over two years. We already have a place in mind and what we need is an affordable house to rent in that particular area. Hopefully it will not be hard to do. My main requirement is that the house has to be cable-ready. The rest the husband and I will have to talk about and hopefully agree on. We hope to be near family this time which I hope is a good thing. There was a minor drama concerning the husband, his siblings and their mother but I hope it will be resolved soon. I would hate to move near relatives only to realize we are not going to be happy nor safe. After all, the reason we are moving is that the husband wants to be near his family to/for help should there is a need. We will probably be busy and I will be out most of the time in the days to come but I hope to be able to tell you about our progress. I am torn right now. I like the idea that we will be near the husband's family and I will be near Filipina friends but I also will miss this place we have been living for over four years. It is hard to let go because it means letting go of fresh seafood and the beach. I am hoping the husband, the little man, and I can afford to come back for visits in the future.

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