Thursday, April 1, 2010


The husband bought me a new laptop over a month ago. He said it was my gift for all occasions this year, lol. I said okay so as to avoid further argument but make no mistake I will still await for presents when those special occasions come. I put it back in the box it came with because I did not really thought I needed to use it just yet. My old Toshiba is doing good. What I was not counting to happen was for the old laptop that the little man used to act up. Aside from stalling and slow loading (he has been really patient with that) the screen started just going blank on him while he is using it. This usually results to ugly tantrums and so I make him use my computer instead to make him happy. The next day he goes back to his old computer and the same thing happens. It is like a vicious cycle. To make him happy I let him use my old computer now to which he has not have any problems yet. He shouldn't as long as he will not slam it down or anything like that. If he is on my old computer though that means I cannot use it. At all. I try not to start an argument so I leave him well alone. Now I am using my new computer and I thanked the husband for buying this for me because if he did not it probably would get ugly between me and the little man. Thank goodness for the husband's good thinking :)

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