Monday, April 26, 2010


I am coped up in our room at the moment updating my blogs and doing everything else at the same time. The husband said I am crazier than ever. He may be right, lol. I have to close the door to our room so the little man will not bother me. He got tired of playing with Nick, Jr. that he leaped in bed (where I am "working") with me and wanted to play. He did not want me to get on my computer so he tried to sit between me and the laptop while I was doing my thing. Now my online life is important even if I was just reading pronexin reviews if ever, that I don't want to be distracted. I mean, I only spend a few minutes at a time online anymore. And I have not had internet for almost a week that I need this now. The husband, bless him, called his son and distracted the little man while I finish what I am doing. That means I will have to be short so I can play with him if he still wants to play. And then it will be off to bed for us all. Good night!

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