Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cleaned the yard

The husband wanted the yard mowed before we move out of the duplex. Since he can't do it, I told him I will which I did. I mowed the back yard first and then I rested for about an hour (I was so tired and thirsty, okay?) and then mowed the front yard. I was being half-generous so I mowed half of the other unit's front yard. Just half because it looked awful and the landlord already has a for rent sign in the yard. I don't know why she did not mow the yard at all while she was here last week to work on the other unit to make it ready to rent out. This has been something that is bugging me since we started house hunting too. It seems like the landlords are so eager to rent their properties when they did not even take the time to make the place look decent. I mean, how hard is mowing the yard when you will only do it while the property is empty? Enough of that, I was having a good time mowing that I did not even complain. Now, that rarely happens but it did today. But then I was just trying to help while the husband was looking for electric bulbs to replace the bulbs in the living room ceiling, which he found out was a Sea Gull lighting, since all four of them quit working a week back. He could not find anything so we have to run to the store tomorrow to buy replacements. I still have a lot of cleaning to do but I will try to do it one at a time because I have been running everywhere doing everything at the same time that it is hard to finish anything. If the husband did not remind me I was mowing the yard I would not have finished today because I was busy doing something else while I was taking a break. At least that part is done. Now I have to start doing something else.

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