Friday, April 9, 2010


The little man has bookmarked a store website in my computer. Every day as long as he is using my computer he checks on that site and look at toys he like. He has pretty expensive choices for a three year old which is scaring me, lol. I told him if he is good I might just buy him one of the toys he favors on his birthday. Not before. It could be after if I do not save enough and we will let Daddy buy it for him for Christmas. I don't get it why toys have to very expensive when everybody knows that the toys will just end up in the trash after so much use anyway. Kids cannot be trusted to be easy with their toys. I grew up playing with toys that my cousins and I found from the neighborhood. Nothing fancy nor expensive and most were pretend toys. And when I got bored with that I raided my father's print paper and markers and whatever I could find which always resulted with mom running to the store for more office supplies before either of us got into trouble. Maybe I can delete the bookmarked page and buy the little man crayons and coloring books instead. It is cheaper and it will be good for him to practice with his writing skills. Let's hope he will not remember the website or else I will really have to buy him that toy he wants and be out a good sum.

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