Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the switch

It is almost midnight here yet I am still up. I have had a busy day and I am supposed to be sleeping soundly but I am not. Lately, I have had bad dreams and I have not been sleeping good. I blame it on the kind of reading materials I keep. I am into suspense-thriller and some books are really bad that it makes me jumpy. Every little sound I hear I wake up. It is getting ridiculous so I switched to feel good stories anymore. Why, what else but romance, lol. I buy and read historical romance and some contemporary romance. The good thing about these books is that you are guaranteed a happy ending most of the time. The bad thing is the plots seem to be similar. But at the risk of taking even natural sleep aids I will continue reading these books instead of my usual choice. Maybe it will get rid of the nightmares and will keep me in a romantic mood which should be good for somebody here :) I know he is not complaining when I said I need more books. He always gives in anyway to make me happy. And to avoid arguments. He is a smart man after all. He knows how to make his wife happy.

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