Tuesday, March 16, 2010

other people's house

We were driving around the neighborhood just looking at houses the other day. No, we are not going to buy a house because we do not have the capacity to do so. We just enjoy this diversion when we are bored staying inside the house. We admire houses. I like log cabins while the husband admires houses because of its architecture. He used to be a carpenter so he can tell if a house is sturdy or not. He would tell you too that mahogany shutters are better than plastic shutters. And that the secret to an energy efficient house is to make sure it has good insulation. We talk about other people's houses because we don't have our own. Are we pathetic or what? Lol. Anyway, by looking at other people's house we also talk about what we want when we have the money to build our own house. Yes, we will build one from the ground if we get lucky to ever own a house. What better way to know what we want but by looking first right? Besides, this short trips calms the little man and sometimes even make him sleep. It serves it purpose most of the time :)

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