Friday, March 26, 2010

if only

My family is not feeling good. It has been like this for almost a week now. The little man has been sick on and off. The husband is still sick. And I thought I might be feeling better but I am not, I feel funny. I just hope we are home because I can deal with things like this when I am on a familiar place. As it is we are still hours from home. Laundry is piling up and we are running out of clothes to wear. I am starting to get annoyed for being coped up inside this small room where I have not had decent meals for two days. My patience is running thin and I am not liking it. If we are home I could deal with all these problems better. There I can do laundry anytime I need to. I can cook food when I need to eat. And I can turn on the dehumidifier if that is what it takes to make us all feel better. Although I doubt the solution will be as simple as that. I hope we will be home today. That is all we want at the moment.

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