Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fried chicken

We had Cornish hens that we bought on sale and I had run out of ideas to fix them so I thought about frying a whole chicken. The husband was not sold out with the idea because I did not plan on using the deep fryer. I was going to do it (and I did) my way, in a pot with enough amount of cooking oil in it. That is almost like using the fryer, right? What I did was I marinated the whole chicken in vinegar, garlic, and salt for about thirty minutes. I made sure the oil was ready and drained the chicken so as to avoid oil spills. I also had to turn the cap on low after I put the chicken in the pot so the oil will not boil over. Once it settled down I turned the cap on high and let the chicken cook until it was brown. The result? Very tasty, very moist, and well-cooked fried chicken which the husband devoured. He said he had never had chicken like this in the picture but I told him it is because he has never had a Filipina wife before, lol. He asked if I could do it again for him which I did and he still raved about the result. I know he was telling the truth because he ate most of it and left me with the parts I like which was not much. The second time I did it he shared it with his son and I was left with nothing but bones. Well, there is nothing better than to have somebody appreciate your efforts :)

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